Where he’s supposed to be

Will Lane sings during the Mark Trammell Quartet concert at Sand Spring Baptist Church on July 22, 2022. It was Will’s first performance with MTQ.

Will Lane believes the latest life chapter is authored by God

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. – Will Lane could not have sung more appropriate lyrics than those of his first solo Friday night.

Oh yes, oh yes, I’m a child of the King

His royal blood now flows through my veins

And I who was wretched and poor now can sing

Praise God! Praise God! I’m a child of the King!

– Child of the King by Bill and Gloria Gaither

“I am not going to lie to you. I was NERVOUS,” Lane smiled a few minutes after his first concert as a member of the Mark Trammell Quartet. “At the same time, I knew God had me. He has continued to bless me more than I ever deserve and He gave me the strength to get through tonight.”

Praise God! Praise God! I’m a child of the King!

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‘The Message Has Never Changed’

‘I’ve got a joy that the world didn’t give me … And the world can’t take it away.’ Triumphant’s Scotty Inman sings at Sand Spring Baptist Church on June 9.

Triumphant’s Scotty Inman continues his acclaimed quartet work, loves his new church plant challenge

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

It was more than a bit ironic to see one of the Facebook memories that popped up on my timeline just before typing out this entry for KentuckySings.com.

There they were, almost jumping out of my computer screen, Triumphant Quartet all decked out in matching dark suits – they had displayed some individuality in their shirt and tie selections – during a concert at Sand Spring Baptist Church on June 19, 2014. 

On that Facebook post, I had commented “These guys can sing gospel music!” and that the house had been packed.

It was Southern Gospel music at its absolute best.

Some things change and some don’t. 

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Once a Booth Brother, Always a Booth Brother

Jim Brady delivers a solo during The Booth Brothers’ concert at Sand Spring Baptist Church on May 26.

Despite ‘crazy’ schedule, Jim Brady is loving his return home

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. — Regardless of where his career would take him, Jim Brady knew he would always be a Booth Brother.

And after some unexpected turns in The Booth Brothers’ road of ministry, he found himself right back where he’d become a household name in gospel music.

“The first time I was here, I spent 13 years with The Booth Brothers and I love the guys,” Brady remembers. “So it was a bittersweet thing because I loved being with The Booth Brothers and had a wonderful time. There were no issues or fights or anything. There was no reason why we would leave other than God was leading me into a new ministry with my wife. 

“So one of the things they said to me then was, ‘Once a Booth Brother, always a Booth Brother.’”

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Stepping out in obedience

Buddy Mullins sings during The Booth Brothers’ concert at Sand Spring Baptist Church on May 26.

Booth Brothers’ Buddy Mullins believes God leads his ministries sharing the hope of Jesus Christ

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. – Buddy Mullins could only when Michael Booth called to tell him the latest news.

It was early in 2021 when Michael told Buddy that his older brother, Ronnie Booth, was retiring from traveling with The Booth Brothers. “I actually laughed,” Mullins said less than an hour before taking the stage at Sand Spring Baptist Church on May 26. “I thought Michael was teasing. I was like, ‘Really?’ Michael, you know, can be kind of dry with his sense of humor.””

This was one time Michael Booth really was being serious and he was reaching out to Buddy to fill Ronnie’s spot in the trio’s lineup. Buddy didn’t say yes. He didn’t say no. He just turned it over to God and is now convinced that manning that unexpected opening is exactly where he’s supposed to be. 

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A Faithful God in an Unpredictable World

The Booth Brothers, from left, Jim Brady, Michael Booth and Buddy Mullins, perform at Sand Spring Baptist Church, Lawrenceburg, Ky., May 26, 2022.

Michael Booth talks about God’s provision in uncertain times

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. – When The Booth Brothers take the stage, you just know there will be countless smiles in the audience.

You know those smooth distinctive harmonies will be presenting the gospel in a way designed to uplift the hurting and challenge the church. And you know that Jesus will be glorified with every note sung.

And you know there will be much laughter. How can anyone not hit the chuckle button with Michael Booth up to his on-stage antics? Predictably, the words “he ain’t right” were uttered from the stage and in the crowd when The Booth Brothers sang to a nearly packed house at Sand Spring Baptist Church on May 26.

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Highway 62 Jubilee to Celebrate Second Year of Free Southern Gospel Concerts

Special to KentuckySings.com

(Editor’s Note: We received word on June 15 that the June edition of the Highway 62 Jubilee has been canceled due to COVID considerations. The Jubilee will return on July 16 at Maxwell’s House of Music in Jeffersonville, Indiana)

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – The Highway 62 Jubilee will be hosting an evening of three regional gospel music artists in concert to start its second year. 

The Edwards Family, a southern gospel band from Burnsville, N.C., will be on stage Saturday, June 18. The Edwards Family have been singing, performing, and playing together their entire musical careers, winning the hearts of music lovers. The Edwards Family has  performed at a variety of venues including Dollywood, Ogle Furniture Gospel Music Jamboree, National Quartet Convention showcase and many other public appearances. The group has had songs appear on various charts, including The Singing News and Christian Voice. 

Also appearing will be Won Life, a band formed by Adam and Meagan Forsythe in 2016.  Adam has been with several groups including New Desire, The Blackwoods, and Southern Sound. Their current single “What The Blood Does,” sat at No. 3  on the Good News Southern Gospel chart in April.

Also appearing will be Blood Bought, performing southern and country gospel. Blood Bought was formed as a family band in 2004 and has released several CDs. During the June 18 concert, the group will be live recording two songs for radio and streaming release.  

The concert will be held on June 18 at Maxwell’s House of Music, 1710 E. 10th Street, Jeffersonville Ind. The music begins at 6:30 p.m. (EDT). Admission is free but an offering for the groups will be accepted. Free concessions will also be available. 

According to Ray Lawrence, Highway 62 Jubilee founder and producer, “In the urban areas, the generations that have grown up with southern gospel music are finding it more difficult to find this type of music performed live unless you occasionally hear it in a rural church. We bring that music back!”

More information can be found https://highway62jubilee.org/

‘Old Souls’ Happy to Share Traditional Message with New Fans

The Inspirations, from left, Roland Kesterson, Wyatt Austin and Isaac Moore, perform at New Liberty Christian Church, Lawrenceburg, Ky., on May 1. Pianist Lucas Vaught is not seen in this photo.

Inspirations remain true to old-time gospel roots

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. – No one has to ask The Inspirations what kind of music they bring or the kind of worship experience they prefer. No one.

But somewhere in the concert set list, they are going to give you a rousing reminder.

I like the old-time preaching, praying, singing, shouting

I like the ole time reading of God’s Word

I like to hear those ‘Glory, Hallelujahs’ ringing

I like the old-time worship of the Lord.

– “Old-time Camp Meeting Days,” by Doc Watson

Video from 2021 National Quartet Convention

And there’s little doubt that the packed house at New Liberty Christian Church likes it to. On a Sunday night in early May, they’d descended on this little country church, located more than 17 miles from the nearest towns, for some old time singing and shouting.

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Old Time. Clappin’ time. Gospel time!

The Old Time Preachers Quartet at Sand Spring Baptist Church. From left are substitute bass Mike Keller, baritone Les Butler, tenor Tim Owens and lead Adam Borden.

Old Time Preachers Quartet lives its mission of preaching the timeless message of God’s Word

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. – It was about halfway through a concert at Sand Spring Baptist Church on April 28 when the Old Time Preachers Quartet truly lived up to its name.

The group’s co-founder, Les Butler, took his place at the church’s grand piano. The rest of the quartet, tenor Tim Owens, lead Adam Borden and fill-in bass Mike Keller joined in on an impromptu trip back in time, belting out some of the great gospel classics of the last 75-80 years.

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Just picking for Jesus

The Ol’ Elkhorn Pickers Club performs at Sand Spring Baptist Church on March 31, 2022. From left are bassist Gary Mitchell, Jeff Brewer, rhythm guitarist David Rayborn, drummer Ken King and guitarist Joel Miller. Behind Miller is keyboardist Rodney Smith.

Ol’ Elkhorn Pickers Club delivers joy wherever it goes

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. – They might have an unconventional name, an unconventional history and even a mission that’s a bit different.

But when the Ol’ Elkhorn Pickers Club took the stage at Sand Spring Baptist Church last Thursday, the music was about as traditional as it could be as they sang the unchanging message found in the Bible.

And in their first appearance at Sand Spring, the Pickers brought the house down with several standing ovations from one of the largest post-covid crowds in the popular gospel concert series. 

Not bad for a group of guys who simply got together to have some fun playing music at Midway, Kentucky.

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Eugene Hoffman to appear at Glensboro Baptist

Eugene Hoffman (Facebook photo)

Special to KentuckySings.com

Eugene Hoffman, a popular gospel music artist, will be appearing in concert at Glensboro Baptist Church on Sunday, February 20, 2022. The concert is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

Hoffman has been known throughout Kentucky gospel music circles for many years both as a soloist and member of various groups, including the Patriot Quartet of Salvisa. Hoffman is also known for his presentations of popular and country music classics at multiple venues.

There is no admission charge for the concert, but a love offering will be taken. Glensboro Baptist Church is located at 2910 Glensboro Road, Highway 44, about 10 miles west of Lawrenceburg.