Who we are

I am not sure who sang at the first concert I ever attended. My guess is it was several local gospel quartets visiting Corinth Christian Church, my home church in rural Anderson County, Kentucky. They might have been there for revival services or for one of those “All Day Singing and Dinner on the Ground” get togethers.


The Isaacs in concert at Sand Spring Baptist, Lawrenceburg, in 2015.

The first concert I truly remember was when my aunt and my mother took me to the Anderson County Fair for the Prophets Quartet when I was seven years old. I remember going to all over the area to hear gospel groups like The Blackwood Brothers, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps or The Gospel Lads.

As I got older, I bought 8-tracks, LPs and cassette tapes ranging from the Eagles to The Earl Scruggs Revue to Johnny Cash to The Imperials. It didn’t matter. I loved listening.

And somewhere along the line, I talked my mom into taking me to The House of Guitars in Frankfort, Kentucky. I came away with a bright red sunburst Harmony guitar. That little instrument bit the dust many years ago, but I’m still picking.


Jason Crabb at Renfro Valley.

I love God and I love the fact that he gave us music to enjoy.  Psalm 150 lists at least seven different musical instruments, then says, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

I have served in various ministries in Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina. And for the last 33 years, I have worked as a sportswriter, mainly covering high school sports and winning over 100 awards from the Kentucky Press Association, Society of Professional Journalists and Landmark Community Newspapers.

I live in central Kentucky with my wife, Stephanie. We have five children and seven grandchildren.

Enjoy your time here,

John Herndon