Singing to spread the Word

Land 1

Joe Land, left, and his sister, Sharon Kramer, have been sharing the gospel in song since 1983. (Photo courtesy The Land Family)

Land Family uses ‘Weekend Warrior’ status to share gospel in Tri-State area and beyond

By John Herndon,

BUTLER, Ky. — It doesn’t take long to understand why The Land Family continues to sing weekend after weekend.

You aren’t likely to hear the veteran duo at a large auditorium or arena. The CD’s at the product table are self-produced but have a high quality sound. There won’t be a huge bus parked outside.

But there will be a lot about Jesus. It’s all about Jesus, just as it has been since the first time the family sang together in 1983. It was about Jesus then and it’s about Jesus now.

And it always will be. Continue reading “Singing to spread the Word”