A passion for God, a passion for families

Former Kingsmen, Soul’d Out and Heartland Quartet lead singer Bryan Hutson sings during an appearance at the Highway 62 Jubilee in Jeffersonville, Ind., in August 2022.

Gospel veteran Bryan Hutson teams with his wife in ministry of ‘strengthening marriages’

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

When he took that last step off a quartet touring bus, Bryan Hutson knew exactly where he wanted his ministry to go and where he believed God was leading him.

He’d just finished a successful five-year stint with Soul’d Out Quartet and his veins were still filled with Southern Gospel blood, but it was just time for the gospel music veteran to be devoting his efforts toward a ministry devoted to families.

Since that day in 2016, Bryan and his wife, Yvonne, have been taking Rescue Me Ministries to churches and groups mainly located within a five-hour drive of their home just outside Cincinnati. 

The goal is simple: Strengthen marriages.

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Highway 62 Jubilee celebrates in many ways

Won Life, a trio based in Hardinsburg, Ky., sings during the Highway 62 Jubilee on August 20.

Louisville-area program features southern, country, bluegrass gospel from local and national artists

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

Putting together a night of gospel music that reaches across its varying sounds can be a difficult proposition, but the Highway 62 Jubilee seeks to bring them together each month.

Created by promoter Ray Lawrence, the Jubilee endeavors to bring together southern, bluegrass and country gospel one Saturday a month while serving as a vehicle for multiple ministries. It has been meeting since March 2021.

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Highway 62 Jubilee to Celebrate Second Year of Free Southern Gospel Concerts

Special to KentuckySings.com

(Editor’s Note: We received word on June 15 that the June edition of the Highway 62 Jubilee has been canceled due to COVID considerations. The Jubilee will return on July 16 at Maxwell’s House of Music in Jeffersonville, Indiana)

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – The Highway 62 Jubilee will be hosting an evening of three regional gospel music artists in concert to start its second year. 

The Edwards Family, a southern gospel band from Burnsville, N.C., will be on stage Saturday, June 18. The Edwards Family have been singing, performing, and playing together their entire musical careers, winning the hearts of music lovers. The Edwards Family has  performed at a variety of venues including Dollywood, Ogle Furniture Gospel Music Jamboree, National Quartet Convention showcase and many other public appearances. The group has had songs appear on various charts, including The Singing News and Christian Voice. 

Also appearing will be Won Life, a band formed by Adam and Meagan Forsythe in 2016.  Adam has been with several groups including New Desire, The Blackwoods, and Southern Sound. Their current single “What The Blood Does,” sat at No. 3  on the Good News Southern Gospel chart in April.

Also appearing will be Blood Bought, performing southern and country gospel. Blood Bought was formed as a family band in 2004 and has released several CDs. During the June 18 concert, the group will be live recording two songs for radio and streaming release.  

The concert will be held on June 18 at Maxwell’s House of Music, 1710 E. 10th Street, Jeffersonville Ind. The music begins at 6:30 p.m. (EDT). Admission is free but an offering for the groups will be accepted. Free concessions will also be available. 

According to Ray Lawrence, Highway 62 Jubilee founder and producer, “In the urban areas, the generations that have grown up with southern gospel music are finding it more difficult to find this type of music performed live unless you occasionally hear it in a rural church. We bring that music back!”

More information can be found https://highway62jubilee.org/