Highway 62 Jubilee celebrates in many ways

Won Life, a trio based in Hardinsburg, Ky., sings during the Highway 62 Jubilee on August 20.

Louisville-area program features southern, country, bluegrass gospel from local and national artists

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

Putting together a night of gospel music that reaches across its varying sounds can be a difficult proposition, but the Highway 62 Jubilee seeks to bring them together each month.

Created by promoter Ray Lawrence, the Jubilee endeavors to bring together southern, bluegrass and country gospel one Saturday a month while serving as a vehicle for multiple ministries. It has been meeting since March 2021.

Promoter Ray Lawrence welcomes the crowd at the Highway 62 Jubilee on August 20. (All photos by John and Stephanie Herndon.)

“Our number one (goal) is to promote and preserve this gospel music that we grew up with,” Lawrence says. “It’s keeping that tradition and growing with it.”

We were privileged to visit the Jubilee on August 20 and came away believing it is an idea worth supporting. 

The Highway 62 Jubilee meets at Maxwell’s House of Music, a music education center and store located in a strip mall on East 10th Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The venue offers professional production and is just a few minutes from downtown Louisville. The program features a mix that is heavy on local and regional artists as well as some nationally-known acts.

An offering is received for the artists. Concessions are also available.

The August 20 program featured Bryan Hutson, who served as lead singer of The Kingsmen Quartet for 10 years, along with Won Life, a southern gospel group from Hardinsburg, Ky., and Indiana-based bluegrass band Shar’N Grace.

“About two-thirds of our artists are local or regional,” said Lawrence, who lives in Cloverport, Ky., west of Louisville. He went on to say that the Jubilee had hosted popular regional groups such as The Noblemen and His Heart Quartet.

Bryan Hutson, formerly of The Kingsmen, sings at the Highway 62 Jubilee.

Lawrence says the Jubilee also looks for ministry opportunities. Since the July floods that devastated eastern Kentucky, Lawrence has raised funds and supplies to distribute in that area. He also reaches out to nursing home facilities in order to share gospel CDs and DVDs.

On August 20, the program, which included an intermission, lasted less than three hours. The crowd was small but enthusiastic and was even able to take part in a short hymn singing session that included all of the night’s artists.

The Jubilee continues to seek avenues of growth in both visiting artists and areas of ministry. It’s an event worth checking out.

About the Highway 62 Jubilee

The Jubilee meets at Maxwell’s House of Music, located about 10 minutes from downtown Louisville at 1710 East 10th Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Maxwell’s House of Music is located in a strip mall. Enter the store and proceed to the stage area in the back. Admission to the Jubilee is free but an offering is received.

If you wish to avoid the toll bridges in Louisville, cross the Ohio River on the Second Street Bridge (Highway 31).

September Jubilee

The Highway 62 Jubilee normally meets the third Saturday of every month, except January, at 5 p.m. However, due to a scheduling conflict, the September Jubilee will be held on Saturday, September 10.

Scheduled to appear are the Rugged Cross Quartet and Blood Bought Band.

Shar’N Grace, a Bluegrass group from Indiana, sings at the Highway 62 Jubilee.
Meagan Forsythe, of Won Life, sings at the Highway 62 Jubilee.

Bryan Hutson at the Highway 62 Jubilee.

All of the artists on the program get together for a short hymn sing during the Highway 62 Jubilee on August 20.

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