Having fun while praising God


The Band Table Singers, from left, Justin Meredith, Daniel Cambron, Aaron Cambron, Andrew Nichols (on guitar) and Luke Vaught. Absent was Jamey Buchanan.

Band Table Singers get together when they can, come full circle with hometown benefit concert Friday

By John Herndon, KentuckySings.com

Music is best when it’s done for fun.

That’s true for any age, any genre. And the Band Table Singers are a perfect example.

You might not know of The Band Table Singers, a group of high school buddies who just started singing and playing music together. They’re good. They’re lots of fun.

And they’ve had a journey that has gone from their high school band through The Oak Ridge Boys to The Kentucky Headhunters and now full circle.

And they will be in concert Friday night, Dec. 13 at the Glasgow (Ky.) High School auditorium in a concert to benefit the school’s Marching Scottie Band. It will be the group’s second benefit concert for the band.

If you are a fan of Southern Gospel music, chances are you are quite familiar with one of The Band Table Singers. “We sing in various combinations of three or four, based on whoever is available when we want to sing,” says Luke Vaught, who is best known as the multi-talented instrumentalist for The Inspirations. “When we perform, our only accompaniment comes from myself playing either guitar or piano.

“We mostly do gospel music. When we first started, we would make up silly songs or sing funny songs around our friends, but by the time we started taking it seriously, we were doing all gospel quartet songs. I believe in the message of the gospel songs and focus on them. Sometimes we sing a song like ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ as a tribute to our home state and we know a few semi-sacred and bluegrass songs as well.”

The group’s members include Vaught, who can play most of the stringed instruments and piano, Andrew Nichols and Jamey Buchanan, both of whom can play guitar, brothers Daniel and Aaron Cambron, Justin Meredith (guitar, bass and drums) and Luke Edmunds.

While members of the Scottie Marching Band, Vaught and Nichols both played trombone, while Buchanan played clarinet. Daniel Cambron played trumpet and Aaron Cambron was on the french horn.

Vaught adds, “Luke Edmunds doesn’t play any instruments but is a great preacher!”


The Band Table Singers, from left, Luke Edmunds, Luke Vaught, Jamey Buchanan and Justin Meredith. (Photos courtesy Luke Vaught.)

It all started when the friends started singing more than 10 years ago. “The Band Table was a well-established breakfast table in the Glasgow High School cafeteria,” Vaught explains. “At one time, it was where some of the band kids sat when they got to school in the morning. Jamey, Andrew and myself all got to school over an hour early each day due to either our parents dropping us off, or our school busses, so we passed our time before school singing and learning harmony for fun. Our friends took notice and called us The Band Table Singers because that’s where they would hear us practicing.”

A local southern Kentucky phenomenon was born. Because they’ve gone their separate ways, it’s difficult to get together for more than occasional concerts. But the simple fact that Nichols had a phone with video capabilities — a bit of a luxury more than a decade ago — prompted the group to make tapes for self critiques. By 2015, the Singers were posting a large number of videos on YouTube and got some well-known help on their rendition of a gospel classic.

“Our hometown friend, Greg Martin, of the Kentucky Headhunters, happened to see us one night rehearsing at the local park, where he walks regularly,” Vaught says. “We were practicing the old song, ‘Jesus is Coming Soon.’ Greg remembered that song from the Oak Ridge Boys back in the 70s, and so he filmed us singing it and posted the video on Facebook. He even tagged Duane Allen and (former Oaks tenor) Willie Wynn. That gave us huge exposure overnight and introduced us to a lot of people in our community that didn’t know we sing!”


The Band Table Singers, from left: Luke Vaught, Daniel Cambron, Justin Meredith and Aaron Cambron.

Vaught joined The Inspirations shortly after graduating from Glasgow High in 2009. He says his schedule with the legendary group — about 150 dates a year — does not allow for many appearances with The Band Table Singers but when The Inspirations are in or near Glasgow, Lucas makes sure The BTS are able to be on stage for a few moments. “The Inspirations have always been very supportive,” he says. “A lot of our material comes from old Inspirations records that they don’t sing anymore.”

Friday’s concert will be mostly gospel but will include some Christmas music as well. Most of all it will be a fun night in which God will be praised.

“We absolutely have lots of fun! The reason we have been able to do this for so long is because we are friends, and we hang out anyways, and the singing is like a byproduct of our friendship and fellowship,” Vaught says. “It has never been a job or something we had to do. We sing because we love to sing!

“We did do some videos at McDonald’s in Glasgow. Sometimes the local eateries are where we hang out when some of us can get together, and somehow we got into singing a few times and just decided to film it. We have videos from McDonald’s, Sonic, random stairwells, my car, the courthouse steps, and even the Beaver Trail park bathroom (for acoustics)!

“We literally sing whenever we have the chance to see each other and we are happy to share it. We hope it can brighten someone’s day by being such a positive thing, or maybe the words of a song might touch someone’s heart.”


What:    Band Table Singers Concert

When:    Friday, Dec. 13, 7 p.m., CST

Where: Glasgow High School Auditorium, 1601 Columbia Ave., Glasgow, Ky.

Tickets: $10 each, all proceeds go to the Glasgow High School Scottie Band.



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