Master’s Trio is now The Crown Quartet

By John Herndon,

Like almost every other artist in any genre, The Master’s Trio faced a year like none other in 2020. 

The popular Southern Gospel group, based in Mt. Sterling, had been busy for several years and was gaining quite a following across Kentucky and several surrounding states. The Trio had been named Best of Show at the Gospel Music Showcase at the 2019 Kentucky State Fair, further expanding the requests for concerts and worship experiences.

That, however, was all before last March.

The Master’s Trio is now The Crown Quartet. The cover shot fro The Master’s Trio’s last album, “Believe Every Word” includes, from left, Kevin Willis, Steve Black and Mike Chatterton. (Photo furnished)

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, churches were shut down and concerts were canceled. The group was able to keep just a few dates but that didn’t stop The Master’s Trio.

The group has been working on a new CD project which will have a much different sound.

That’s because The Master’s Trio is now The Crown Quartet.

The group has recently announced the addition of bass singer Michael Goodwin of Cynthiana. Goodwin, a veteran of the gospel music industry, joins lead singer Steve Black, tenor Kevin Willis and baritone Mike Chatterton to deliver a pristine quartet sound that shows the influence of many of the top quartets, both from today and the past.

Mike Goodwin, a veteran bass singer who lives in Cynthiana, has joined The Master’s Trio. The addition has prompted the group to change its name to The Crown Quartet.

Goodwin has quite a history in gospel music, including stints with Integrity, J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, the Statesmen and the Mercy River Boys. He’s been working in a solo ministry for several years but his love of the quartet sound made him jump at the chance to be part of The Crown Quartet.

“But my love is the four part harmonies of a quartet and most of all sharing God’s love through song,” Goodwin said in an email.

The new spot with The Crown Quartet is another chapter in a musical story that began when Goodwin was a child singing in choirs and praise teams. “I was also in the school band, playing trumpet from elementary school through college,” he says. 

Soon after becoming a Christian at age 21, Goodwin accepted an offer to join The Singing Instruments.

It began a journey that has taken Goodwin to lofty heights in gospel music. It’s a journey that will continue with The Crown Quartet.

“I am looking forward to ministering with these men,” Goodwin says.

For more information about The Crown Quartet connect with the group’s Facebook page or The Master’s Trio Facebook page.

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