Triumphant has changing sound — just a little! — and unchanging message

Triumphant Quartet was in concert at First Baptist Church of Cold Springs on March 19.

Bigger Than Sunday CD and Tour reflect a belief that God is working today

By John Herndon,

The first thing you might notice about Triumphant Quartet’s concerts in 2021 is that things just seem a little different.

At least from my angle they did when they took the stage at First Baptist Church of Cold Spring back on March 19. The quality, as always, was top-notch. A group doesn’t have a firm grip on being named America’s favorite quartet in The Singing News Fan Awards — every year since 2009 —  by being anything else.

But when Scotty Inman started singing “Best Thing” from the quartet’s latest CD, Bigger Than Sunday to open things, the concert had a little different feel.

Scotty Inman opens the concert with “Best Thing” from Triumphant’s latest CD, Bigger Than Sunday. (All photos by John Herndon)

And it was very good.  As in excellent.

“It’s been very positive, a very positive response,” Triumphant bass singer Eric Bennett said a few moments after the Cold Springs concert. “One of the reasons we are coming out and singing new songs is everybody’s a little bit burnt out on the ones we have been singing.”

Bennett smiled.

He knows that Triumphant’s fans love every song the quartet sings that the previous album, “Yes!” is highly acclaimed and could go down as one of the all-time greats in Southern Gospel history.

But Bigger Than Sunday is mighty good too with ballads like “Best Thing” and the get-your-blood pumping “He Walked Out” that was likely played countless times over the Easter weekend. And as was the case with “Yes!” the group took a Contemporary Christian hit, Jenn Johnson’s “Goodness of God” and put its own stamp on it with Bennett’s soulful bass solo.

All my life you have been faithful

All my life you have been so, so good

With every breath that I am able

Oh, I will sing of the Goodness of God.

— Songwriters: Ed Cash, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram, Brain Johnson & Jenn Johnson. Shout Music Publishing (APRA)/Alletrop Music (BMI)/ Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP)/Fellow Ships Music/So Essential Tunes (SESAC).

Triumphant believes the way the quartet got through 2020 and has started 2021 is a testament to the “Goodness of God.”  

Eric Bennett takes the lead on Triumphant Quartet’s rendition of Jenn Johnson’s “Goodness of God.

Bigger Than Sunday was already in the works when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Triumphant and most of the music industry. “We had to put (the CD) off two or three times, but God was faithful and made a way for us to it financially,” Bennett said. “Thank God. He came through. He always does.”

And in the first months of 2021, Triumphant has been playing to crowds as large as local COVID guidelines allow. “This year, we feel like it’s going to open up a bit,” Bennett said. “We’ve been out. People have been out. Tonight was a great crowd. Last night (in South Carolina) we had a great crowd. Tomorrow night we will be in Georgia and are expecting a great crowd. People are ready to go.”

Just as Triumphant is ready to go.

“We are coming out and singing some new songs,” Bennett said. “We are throwing some old ones in there too, so everybody seems to be liking it.”

During the concert, Triumphant still brought the house down with “Even Me” and “Going There” but the new CD also offers a Triumphant medley of hits from over the years — “When the Trumpet Sounds,” “Chain Breaker,” “Somebody Died for Me,” “Amazing God,” and “Saved by Grace.”

One thing that has not changed is Triumphant’s powerful way of sharing the gospel. While the music is cutting edge, the message is the same one the church has been preaching for 2,000 years. Bennett believes the message that Christ died so men can live is the message of hope needed in a world marked by antagonism and apathy to the Word.

Triumphant Quartet sings “When The Trumpet Sounds” as part of a medley of hits that appears on the Bigger Than Sunday album.

Ironically, just a few days before the Cold Springs concert, Bennett was interviewed for the Answers TV Blog, a ministry of Answers in Genesis and The Ark Encounter. In the interview he offered an optimistic outlook of the church’s future and saying that he sees God moving. You can read that blog post here.

I asked Bennett to expound on the thoughts about the church having a bright future.

“I feel like that because there are people saying the church is over, the church is done,” he said. “And there are some churches shutting down, but there are a lot of other churches that are being planted and God is in the middle of.”

During the concert, Bennett invited concert goers to visit Connect Church if they are visiting the Pigeon Forge, Tenn., area. Triumphant has been involved in the Connect Church plant several years ago.

“We are seeing people saved every Sunday at our church, pretty much,” Bennett continued. “I am just seeing God move in a real way right now. If you have noticed through history, the more persecuted the church is, the more it grows. The more real it becomes.

“I am telling you, man. I believe an explosion of the church is on the way.”

And, like Triumphant Quartet’s latest CD says, that explosion will be Bigger than Sunday.

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